Friday, 17 September 2010

Storm at Sea

This quilt I made for my daughter Leanne, about 4 years ago, when she was staying behind in Singapore to finish her high school. We moved to Vietnam, Saigon, for my husband's work, and she could move into boarding house, a facility at the United World College in Singapore. The move was not the easiest thing for us to do and this quilt became very special to her.

After completing her high school, she took the quilt to Utrecht in Holland. There she graduated from uni and now she is moving again, this time to London for her studies.

She wanted a quilt that resembles the sea and when I saw the name 'Storm at Sea', I knew this quilt was the one to make for her. It comes from a lovely book More Quilts from the Quiltmaker's Gift. The use of different sizes of triangles gives a lovely movement to the quilt.

Tomorrow is the day and there goes the quilt again! My DD is ready to move on and there is that pinch of an empty nest, again.
But hey, I better get moving on too, b'cause in a short while my bee-ladies will be knocking at my door!

Keep on quilting! Hilde


  1. I've always admired this pattern but have never made a quilt myself. Yours is beautiful and I'm sure it has given you daughter a lot of comfort and will do so in the future. Good luck to her on her new adventure. Vreni xx

  2. Wat een mooie quilt! Ik kan mij voorstellen dat je dochter die quilt overal mee naar toe neemt! Groetjes Hubertine

  3. It looks so complex and a beautiful final effect.
    The colours are a lovely combination.
    This quilt will keep your DD warm in London too!
    warm wishes

  4. Wat een schitterend Quilt-en wat een mooei kleuren
    Gr Joke
    Zie dat je siggys aan het verzamelen bent, als je wilt ruilen met mij in Zweden, laat me dat dan even weten

  5. Wat een schitterende quilt Hilde. Ik heb hier een Storm at Sea liggen voor mijn oudste zoon, maar hij is halverwege het quilten blijven steken.

  6. HI Hilde Great to find your blog and to see your amazing quilts. Just like a Show and Tell, fond memories. Regards Heather

  7. Oh wat een prachtige kleuren heb je gebruikt in deze SaS, hij is verrukkelijk! En hoewel ik erg toe ben aan een ongecompliceerde quilt deze keer, jeuken mijn vingers alweer!

  8. Eu queria ser você quando crescer!!!Rsss...

  9. You are my inspiration for Storm of Sea, but please your advice for how many fabrics for this blanket?

  10. why can't I find a Storm At Sea pattern without fractions ?


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